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Career Essay Examples

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History of the Guidance Movement

Career counseling was first introduced in the early 1900 as vocational counseling it was used as a means to end poverty during the time when society was in uproar over a demising economy. “This new profession was described by historians as a “progressive social reform movement aimed at eradicating poverty and substandard living conditions spawned…

Career Pathway

Create a career pathway plan for yourself, indicating what opportunities are open to you as you progress in your chosen career. Indicate what you will need to learn or any qualifications you might need to gain in order to achieve your goals. Identify sources of information to help you achieve your goals. Task D Presentation…

Student Resources Worksheet

Student resources include a variety of helpful sites and tools that can be of assistance when completing assignments, connecting to other students, and searching for careers. Complete this table regarding student resources provided by the university. In the first column, identify where the resource can be found. In the second column, summarize each resource in…



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What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Career

Some people spend their entire lives asking themselves what they want to be when they grow up. Other people know from childhood and by following an interior compass, they end up in a career that never feels like going to work. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you might consider several factors that may help…

Role of a counsellor

Counsellors help people to explore feelings and emotions that are often related to their experiences. This allows their clients to reflect on what is happening to them and consider alternative ways of doing things. Counsellors work in a confidential setting and listen attentively to their clients. They offer them the time, empathy and respect they…

Considerations When Choosing A Career

A few people are given an inner conviction that they must follow a certain occupation, irrespective of money, status or obligation to family. This applies to clergy, sometimes to doctors and nurses, and occasionally to teachers and social workers. So choosing a career includes many factors such as: capabilities, qualifications, personal problems and career goals….

A Personality Development Theory Applied in Choosing Career

This paper attempts to look at the Big Five, a personality development theory that is used in studying the dimension of one’s personality. The Big Five model is a product of empirical research and at present, the most accepted approach among psychologists in studying personality traits. 1 The five factors are known as OCEAN- openness,…

Life and Career of Mariah Carey

With her unique talent and signature vocal abilities, Mariah Carey commanded the world’s attention when she made her musical debut in the early nineties. In less than a decade, Mariah Carey emerged as one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents in music. As a singer and songwriter, Carey has been recognized with the…

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned

Before I give my point of view, let me define career as a sequence of occupations, jobs, and position engaged in or occupied throughout the lifetime of a person. Career is much more that having a job or earning a living. It is a series of roles played by a person. In a career you…


A career defines who I am and what am I all about. It is true that a majority of people will choose to work for what pays and offers them the most, especially living in today’s economy. However, I believe that my chosen career path should base on the source of my passion and interest…

Career Plan

During the five week course of Business Communication and Critical Thinking, there were activities at the My Career Plan page on University of Phoenixes website that were required to be completed for the week. They were Career interests Profiler, Competencies, Work Culture Preferences and Reasoning Aptitude. This Author will discuss those activities that were taken…

The point in my career

I never thought of myself as being confident or even reliable.  It sounds worse than it is, I actually never committed to a job or a project that I felt I could not complete.  But I was at a point in my career or even in life in general where I was ready for a…

Factors Affecting Career Choices

To secure life with a good job is probably what all of you look forward to. Choosing a career is only a small step towards that, whatever career you choose at the end of the day it is security and money. Then again, several factors come up as soon as you try to opt for…

Career Plan

I have completed the career profiler. I have learned that I am conventional, enterprising, and social. I am very detail orientated. My strengths include organizing, delivering results, following instructions, coping with pressure, entrepreneurial thinking, and I am goal focused. The career profiler accurately described my strengths. My work culture results were ethical, supportive, and well…

Career Plan Reflection

The career plan building activities proved to be a very useful tool. The work culture preference survey results indicated the type of work culture that I prefer, which is ethical, high powered, and expert. The competencies, reasoning aptitude, and career interest profiler surveys provided additional information to consider. The combined results provide an interpretation of…

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There are so many ways to show yourself in the world that you can even sometimes get lost in these varieties. What to do? What is your way? How not to make a mistake? Probably your professor gave you this topic just because he knew you are at a crossroad and a little observation for the essay will help you. Now, don’t wait any minute more and move to our good essay topics. They also can match as argumentative essay examples and persuasive essay topics.

    1. Gender – Are there male jobs & female jobs? – A useful debate which can get heated. The statutory guidance states that you must promote equality of opportunity so care must be taken when guiding this debate.
    2.Jobs of the future – What jobs will exist in 5, 10, 20 years that don’t exist now?
    3. What effects are robotic workers having on the job market? Will robots be able to do jobs like journalism & legal work (yes they will, computer copywriting and contract to check is already a reality) or will automation only affect ‘physical’ jobs?
    4.Transferable skills – what are they and why do we need them? – Useful question to elicit knowledge of transferable skills – you may find this definition useful in order to help your students decide which skills are transferable “Transferable skills are general skills you can use in many jobs. You gain these skills from previous jobs, projects, voluntary work, sport, your home life, hobbies, and interests. They enable you to be adaptable and flexible in case you need to change your job”
    5.What skills & qualities do employers want when they employ a person straight out of school/college/university?
    6.Why do some people try and dissuade people from taking certain jobs? – An ideal opportunity to explore the motivation behind advice from various sources. E.g. university & school leaver recruitment staff. Teachers who have been instructed to recruit for the school 6th  Parents who would like to see their children achieve their parent’s dream etc.
    7.Why do some jobs have more kudos than others? – Is it really all about cash? What makes a job desirable? Does TV portrayal of certain jobs make them seem glamorous?
    8.Can you turn a hobby into a career? – Students may wish to pursue a hobby such as photography or sport as a careers. What considerations might they need to have when doing this? E.g. need to be self-employed; the effect of training 7 days a week on enjoyment of the sport etc.
    9.Can work be fun? What makes work fun? Can it always be fun? What is fun?
    10.How many types of job can I expect to do over my lifetime? – A discussion about career paths. Not just changing jobs but changing types of job and progression.  The role of lifelong learning, retraining, transferable skills.  Using a story about somebody’s career journey is a good prompt for this discussion.
    11.What’s the difference between a job and a career?
    12.Is a job just to pay the bills and a career something you’re interested in?

Aren’t those topics incredible? We put together so many really good topics that even started thinking of writing an essay by ourselves! Nevertheless, use them, think about the topic, read more on the Internet and be sure you will succeed.


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