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Describe the military weapons used against the Germanic tribes.
bow and arrows, shields, swords, fire

How is Maximus viewed by his troops?
They adore him and honor him

What reward does Maximus ask of Marcus Aurelius?
To let him go home

What does Marcus Aurelius ask of Maximus as his last duty to Rome?
To become the protector of Rome and to give power back to the people

What are Marcus Aurelius’ feelings for his daughter Lucilla?
He loves her

What are Marcus Aurelius’ feelings for his son Commodus?
He thinks he can’t rule. He wants Maximus to rule the kingdom

What type of government does Marcus Aurelius want Rome to have after his death?

How does Marcus Aurelius die in the film?
Commodus suffocated him

Where does Maximus go after his escape?

What happens to Maximus’ family?
They are burned and crucified

What happens to Maximus after he returns home?
Picked up by a slave trader

What does Proximo do for a living?
Trains slaves to be gladiators

What are the letters on Maximus’ arm?

Why does he remove them?
Roman Legion

Describe the first view that we see of Rome.
It is a parade with Commodus and Lucilla with a crowd shouting

Why does Commodus have 150 straight days of gladiatorial games?
To commemorate his father

Which emperor stopped the gladiatorial games in Rome?
Marcus Aurelius

What was the symbol of freedom for a gladiator?
Wooden sword

Why does Maximus want to go to Rome and fight in the Coliseum?
He wants to stand in front of the emperor

Describe the entrance into Rome by Maximus and the other gladiators.
They are followed by little kids, in a cart, and they are closed in a gate

What does Commodus plan to do with the Senate?
Dissolve it

Which battle is re-enacted in the Coliseum?

When Maximus finally meets the Emperor, why doesn’t he kill him?
The boy is with Commodus so he doesn’t want to hurt the boy

What is Commodus’ reaction when he discovers Maximus’ identity?
He is shocked because he is supposed to be dead

Why does Commodus allow Maximus to live?
The crowd is shouting “Live”

According to Lucilla, why does she live in terror?
She is scared of her brother and her son is the heir to the throne

According the Lucilla, where does Commodus have enemies?

Who does Commodus bring back to defeat Maximus in the arena?
Titus of Gaul

What does the crowd want Maximus to do when he defeats him? What does Maximus do?
He wants him to kill him; he throws his sword

What is the crowd’s reaction to Maximus?
They are screaming his name

When Maximus meets his former servant Cicero, what does he say to him?
Tell them that the general lives

Why won’t Commodus have Maximus killed?
It would make him look merciful. And he would become a martyr

What message does Cicero give to Lucilla?
General sends word that he will meet your politician

When Maximus meets with Senator Gracchus, what is his reason for wanting to give the power in Rome back to the people?
That was the last wish of dying Marcus Aurelius

What happens to Senator Gracchus?
He is arrested

How does Proximo help Maximus?
Arranges for him to meet with Lucilla

What does Lucius say to Maximus that makes Commodus mad?
He is the Savior of Rome

Where might Lucius have heard this from?
His mother, Lucilla

How does Commodus threaten Lucilla?
Threatens to kill Lucius

How does Proximo help Maximus in escaping?
Gives him the key and distracts the soldiers

How does Commodus threaten Lucilla after he foils her plan?
Have Lucius killed; she has to love him and provide an heir

What does Commodus do to Maximus before they enter the arena?
Stab him

Where does Lucilla tell Maximus to go to?
To go home to his family

What do Senator Gracchus and the other men do to Maximus after his death?
Carried him out of the arena

What is Commodus left, and why?
Leave him in the arena; no respect

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